What Material Should your Garage Door be?

Choose Your Garage Door Material Carefully

Steel offers a modern look to your home. It is a sleek option that offers a clean and simple look to your house. If you are going for a modern design and your home has a contemporary style we would recommend a steel garage door. You have countless options as far as appearance and size for you steel garage door. Steel is also very easy to maintain. They are not damaged by temperatures and do not peel over time. That being said they easily dented and do not offer insulation. There are insulation options with steel garage doors though.

Wood is aesthetically one of the best options. Wood doors compliment most styles of homes especially because wood comes in so many different style options. Wood is very customizable and can fit any garage. Wood is also a tougher option that steel. It will not dent easily and can take more impacts before damages are noticeable. Wood still can split and crack if it is not taken care of. Wood garage doors also require frequent repainting and bolts need to be tightened very often. Swelling can also occur based on the wood.

Vinyl garage doors are said to be the most long-term affordable materials for garage doors. They require much less frequent touch ups on paint because the composite material is made of one color. Vinyl also resists rust. One drawback to vinyl’s is once you buy it you are married to the color. Vinyl garage doors must be completely changed out if a new look or style is desired.

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