Quick Overview of Garage Doors, Openers, and Their Related Parts

A garage opener is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors by the use of remote controls that are carried by the owner as well as switches on the garage wall. Some garage door openers come in a full site of innovative features like battery backup, remote smartphone control, and advanced security features that ensures that your garage will always be safe.

Garage Door Parts

Garage motors, torsion springs, extension springs, exhaust ports, pulleys, pulley forks, S-hooks and clips, vertical conversion kits, door hinges, handles, door cables, remotes, receivers, eyes, switches, circuit boards gears etc.

Garage Doors, Door Sizes and Door Types

The garage is the largest working part of a house especially if it’s facing the entrance of a house, so it’s recommended to have the best curb appeal.

Most garages are large enough to accommodate large vehicles such as Suburban’s or F-150’s and most people actually use their garage for extra storage for seasonal decorations or even valuables.

The large 1 car or 2 car garage doors are made up of several jointed panels that roll up on tracks hanging from the ceiling or roll above the doorway. However, there are still garage doors which are made in a single panel that tilts up and back across a garage ceiling. We service and repair both!

Doors come in different types of materials with some made of glass, wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, insulated and energy efficient, etc. Garage doors may swing up, swing out, roll up or slide to the side. If you want to keep the ceiling clear, we recommend you go for the swing out or sliding garage doors.

Garage Door Openers

There are several ways to access your garage. First, almost every home with a garage (which is connected to the home via a door/walkway) has a pad on the wall inside the garage which is easily accessible to open and close the door and even activate a light to brighten the space.

The second most common way to open the garage is using a remote control, also called a clicker. Most people have these clickers in their car hanging from their viser so when approaching the home, they can quickly tap the remote and the door will be open for them to enter. Same for when they are about the leave the home and inside their car ready to tackle the day!

The third most common way to access your garage is via a security keypad on the outside of the garage door frame. These garage door keypads often operate from programming in a series of digits (usually 4 numbers) to open and close the door. These are a great device for children who may not have a clicker of their own coming home from school or coming in late at night.
There is even technology these days to operate your garage door opening and closing directly from your smartphone. Ask us more about this when you call!

Wake Door Company can seamlessly install and repair any of these devices from the pad on the wall in the garage, the remote control clicker in your car and/or fix the security keypad on the outside.

Common Garage Door Problems, Errors and Issues

  • When your photo eye is out of an alignment.
  • Track is out of alignment.
  • Garage closing quickly with a bang.
  • Garage door opens and closes randomly.
  • Garage door closes part way, then opens again.
  • Door won’t go up.
  • Door won’t go down.
  • Springs snap and break.

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