Frequently Asked Questions

Is regular maintenance necessary for my garage door?

A garage door should be visually inspected and lubricated at least twice yearly. Be especially cautious of changes in function, increased noise level, and damaged hardware. When in doubt, call a qualified service professional.

If one garage door spring breaks, do I need to replace both?

Use wears out springs. We recommend replacing both springs at the same time to save our customers the cost and inconvenience of another spring replacement in the near future.

Why are Wake Door prices lower than many competitors?

As an independent family owned and operated business, we have less overhead expenses.

Are all garage door torsion springs the same?

No, Wake Door uses only the best springs available. Most of our springs are longer in length, and have a cycle life greater than 20,000 cycles; both of which lead to longer life.

What type of garage door or garage door operator is right for my home?

We carry a wide range of overhead door and operators to meet all needs and budgets. Call to schedule a free in-home estimate and consultation.