What To Do With a Damaged or Broken Garage Door Spring

So your garage door spring is broken and you have to get to get to work or get the kids to school. Of all the luck, you believe, this needed to take place to you today. You might seem like you’re the very first individual this has actually taken place to, however broken garage door springs are among the most contacted repair works in the garage door market.

It’s early in the early morning and you’re quick asleep. All of a sudden, a loud sound wakes you. Climbing up from bed you look for the source, however discovering absolutely nothing incorrect you go back to your warm bed. It isn’t really up until later on that early morning when, entering your garage to leave your home, you see it. The damaged spring on your garage door.

Broken Garage Door Spring? – You’re Not Alone

Like anything else under pressure, ultimately your springs will break. Do not stress, you aren’t the very first individual this has actually taken place too. Garage door springs break all the time, and particularly when it’s getting cooler out.

Garage door springs promote the whole weight of the garage door. The springs are wound or extended under pressure, tightening up and loosening up as you close and open the garage door. It’s the garage door springs, not the garage door opener, that promotes and raises the 300 plus pounds of weight of the garage door.

So, what exactly can you do now? Read on for Wake Garage Door’s tips and advice and precaution statements. **Wake Garage Door does not recommend that you install or try to repair your own broken springs as it can be very dangerous.**

Action 1 – Move Any Vehicles Out of the Garage

Initially, you most likely have to get your vehicle from the garage. Pull the red emergency situation release cord situated above the door to allow you to by hand raise the door. Take care, the garage door will be much heavier considering that the spring is exactly what renders the door weight neutral. If it’s too tough to open yourself have a next-door neighbor or a relative assistance you. If you unintentionally drop the door while raising it DO NOT attempt to stop the door with your foot. A 300 pound wall dropping on your foot is going to ruin your day.

Action 2 – Identify Your Garage Door Spring

Extension springs are on either side of the door, perpendicular to it. These springs imitate huge, steel elastic band, extending as the garage door is reduced. The natural tendency of the extended spring is to raise the door.

Torsion and extension springs put in a force equivalent to the weight of your garage door. This counter stabilizes the 200 to 300 pound garage door rendering it weight neutral so it can be quickly opened. If your garage door springs break you can still by hand unlock, you simply have to apply that much more force to open it.

Next, recognize which kind of garage door spring you have: Extension or Torsion.

A torsion spring encounters a bar at the top of the within the garage door. The spring is injury and under enormous stress. It’s the stress of the torsion spring that raises the weight of the garage door.

Step 3 – Call Our Garage Door Repair Company

Installing your brand-new garage door springs is not just a prolonged and complex procedure, however it can be possibly very harmful either now or in the future, if done incorrectly. Keep in mind, garage door springs are wound and under stress. You have to ensure you have the right tools prior to you even start the task and why we highly suggest making a call to a garage door service pro.

Also, most individuals do not have the time or disposition to change their damaged garage door spring themselves. We understand you have other better things to do in your home, which are less dangerous than fiddle with springs holding up a very heavy object. That’s why we recommend giving our local Cary/Apex garage door repair specialists immediately.

Trust the Pros at Wake Door Company to Replace Your Broken Garage Door Springs

If you do choose to take on the task yourself, please be aware of the potential dangers that lie ahead and do the proper research before jumping into that type of project and home repair. An additional hour or two of reading will more than offset the disappointment and discomfort if you slip up.

But, ultimately, we still recommend calling a local garage door repair business. Not only will the job be done right, but it will be safe for many years to come, the new springs may carry a warranty and the workmanship of the professional may also be guaranteed. Get it done right the first time. Give us a call today!